Friday, September 26, 2008

Confession Teman Tapi Mesra Molly, Elly, Ely, Maya Darnia, Maya Himes dan Ntah 1001 nama lagi,


Dear Maya Molie, Maya Elie, Maya Melia & Maya Darina...

First I would like to say that I'm sorry I didn't answer your calls and messages couple of time before. My 'LAWYER' said I shouldn't response any calls from 'ALL' of you until further notice (which will never come). You will never succeed on making that 'mandrem thingy on me anymore you big fat monster(S). Maybe you already knew about my plan towards 'ALL' of you so that's why you tried to hypnotized me lately,wasn't you?But ADE AKU KESAH?(Laugh).


Owh, here's the other important anouncement for ALL of you Mayas. If you must know, I'm the one who told Zubir everything about you. Yes, that picture also, how nice your brown clothes on the paper. But you like it,wasn't you? YOU WANT FAME, I GAVE YOU FAME ALREADY. For this matter I would like to say sorry to Faizal Tahir(whatever happen, you still my idol :D) and Pierre if these article offended both of you. It's not only just for your own sake, but also hundreds of others. Too bad for Maya Darina and Maya Elie, I already saved all of your pictures, so no need to burden yourself to terminate (again) your accounts. No, it's ok,don't thanks me.

For credits, I would like to express my gratitude to Maya Darina for terkantoi lupe gune suare manje mase call last time, to Bos as he still believe in me eventhough he knows I'm Maya Elie's best-la-sgt bestfriend (yes, you right Maya Darina and Maya Elie, me and him still going to continue the deal). To 'Nenek Kebayan', thanks for your wake up call, even they didn't believe you, you know we at the company believe in you. To mr so-calledhulubalang (if I'm not mistaken), sorry I did kutuk2 you in front of Maya Darina and Maya Elie. It just to make the drama looks REAL, now continue your pursuit on Maya Elie's hutang.

To Kak Ayu and Dynie Othman,

Pity both of you, as you all co-operated with someone who responsible for PEMECATAN anda berdua. YES, Maya Elie was the one who always cucuk Boss and Boss' and she also the one who told them, YOU kak Ayu, buat keje luar. Both of the Boss told us. So, who you going to trust, it's up to you now. Now I believe Maya Darina offers both of you to join her company,THAT'S GOOD, wait until both of you died 8000x, if you're lucky enough, the 8001st time Maya Darina will exists (Laugh). Now just relax and think how she make a fool on both of you. Or the easiest way, go and meet that Maya Darina, see if you can meet her.

This is the most IMPORTANT message for you Maya Elie. WHENEVER & WHEREVER I meet you once again, first thing I'm going to do is 'reward' you with 3 cute punches. 1 for make a fool of my dream and drag 'someone' who I already kicked her out from my life... And also for trying your luck to goda me. Another 1 is a request from 'Nenek Kebayan', and the last 1 is a free gift for you as you succeed on making people's life topsy turvy.

Mark my word, you made a fool on wrong people, so you have to prepare for it. I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE A HELL any way possible. The article is the first start, more embarrasement for you soon. Owh, No@, no need to thanks me :D

To Pierre,

This is me and 'their problem, never in my intention to provoked you. If I ever talked to you before, believe me every single word was true, but whatever, just hope someday you will wake up and face the reality.

To Mayas,

Every artists will be notified regarding about you and your actions, and now the Boss trying to gather every informations and certain action will be executed by authority only for you. Aww, stop praising me you big fat hairy hand biarch :D

Bitch like you Elie who makes the industry a HELL. Fark that I will not going to let you go just like that. Thanks for your consideration.


(The cutest teenage detective :D)

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